Trupti Choudhary Photography


THE GENESIS: The world that conceived me

The nature’s tender, loving finger guided me into the world of Mother Earth. The world entirely made of colours, shapes, and emotions. The world of countless tiny miracles hidden in everything - from restive eyes of an owlet to an innocent ray of light jumping out of a dewdrop.

The nature tasked me with hunting these tiny miracles. I was to carry out this task using the two magical instruments that worked like a powerful lens and a receptive sensor - my eyes and my heart.

This treasure-hunt - the most fulfilling time of my life - made me witness this enchanting beauty and this constantly unfolding drama and brought me to my first understanding…

To capture this beauty in my eyes, I first had to perceive it in my heart.

THE PARADISE: The world that I conceived

The nature showed me the beauty and now I had to find the soul in it. I had to bring it out.

And I found it… in you.

It was right there. Everywhere. In and out and around you.

It was in your cackling baby eyes when you looked at your mother. It was sparkling out of your eager young eyes as you tied the knot with your ‘someone special’. It was around your wrinkled, tired, and old, but wise, eyes that spoke nothing but peace and love.

You prodded me to go on with my treasure-hunt unleashing the beautiful soul in you - your emotions - into this new world I was making and turn it into a paradise.

THE PREMISE: The emotion that drives my world

The central idea, let’s say the motive, of my ‘treasure-hunt’ called TRUPTI CHOUDHARY PHOTOGRAPHY is to preserve your special memories and freeze your unique emotions into this ‘time machine’ and let you re-live them again and again and again…

And this magic is not achieved by simply focusing the lenses or composing a perfect frame or using avant-garde processing techniques… It’s not about just taking perfect photographs.

It’s about immortalising your story